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HCM & PDK tested clear 04/10/05   &  March 2008
Buddy is now an RW QGC  Quad Grand Champion

Buddy as we call him is just outstanding as an example of Bengal type maybe even pushing the envelope a little, pictured at 8 months old he is a large heavy boned male with excellent confirmation and an extreme profile we are looking for him to add some of that “type” to our line.Pam & I would like to thank Margie & Don Heil of SnoPride for allowing this boy to come to Canada and live with us . View more pictures of Buddy

Anjali BraveHeart of Junglejem
Pam & I wish to thank Dana from the bottom of our hearts for BraveHeart , he is just a great overall boy from his pattern and contrast to his heads and eyes , he even has a Heart shaped pattern on both sides of him , we are really looking forward to his babies in the near future and to see what he can bring to our already exciting program . View more photos
show breeder

This boy is truly outstanding from a great pattern, head, contrast, body structure, ears, eyes etc , he just has it all except for a name ????? Pam and I have been trying to find the perfect name for him but have not found the right one yet so we invite everyone to submit a name for him , his parents are Kissime and Jaxx , the person who's name we choose from the submissions will receive a custom made Bengal Pen from us, these are truly one of a kind and something you will be proud to own

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Dawnfire Jaxx of JungleJem

Jaxx is just a superb boy with great contrast and rosetting , smaller ears and a wonderful body , he is pictured here at 5 months old and is so much better now as an adult, I will update his pictures soon , he has already sired two of my new show kittens that are staying here at JungleJem
. view more pictures

IW RW SGC Wildlove Sudden Impact of JungleJem
HCM tested clear 11/15/2007

Sudden Impact has had a fantastic show career so far as a kitten/cat. He has averaged 8 finals per show and many Best kittens/cats. As an adult in his first show he took 13 Best of Breed and 12 finals making him a DGC at just barely 8 months. On his 9th Month Birthday for a present, he made his SGC title.

Sudden is currently the # 1 Bengal kitten internationally. He has taken a total of 117 finals and has been the top Bengal in show in 11 out of the 15 shows he has been in. He has been shown from coast to coast at some of the toughest shows going including the TICA Annual and ON SAFARI with kitten/cat counts as high as 130.

In the Breeder choice awards at ON SAFARI, he received four including Best Spotted kitten, Best Rosetted Kitten, Best Male Kitten and Best Kitten in show.

Pam and I wish to thank Barb Walters and Elaine Maravich of Wildlove Bengals for allowing this outstanding boy to come and live with us, Sudden Impact has just been a jewel to show and work with. He has an incredible personality and we just love him to pieces!
view more pictures of Sudden


RW SGC Kalanikats Silver Idol is just a superb Silver, he was the second Silver to ever achieve a Supreme Grand Champion title
He has the type, the coat and contrast that is so desired on a Silver Bengal and he has an incredible loving personality that we strive for in all our cats and he passes that on to his babies. Pam and I are very happy that Sharon Kalani from Kalanikats and Margie Heil of Snopride allowed this special boy to come and live with us,
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OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawate of JungleJemWurthy
HCM clear - latest test October 28th 2008

OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawate of JungleJem  AKA Wurthy
Five times HCM clear - latest test October 28th 2008 - 6.4 years old

Words simply cannot express the joy and the warmth in our hearts that Margie and Don Heil of Snopride have let Wurthy come and live with us. It is an Honor that they have entrusted Wurthy with us, as it is not every day that someone gets to have a Living Legend in their home. He is such a outstanding gentle loving boy that has produced so many of the great cats in the world. What a great privilege it is to have such an truly incredible boy here with us that has done so much for the Bengal breed. We look forward to Wurthy producing many outstanding kittens for both us and the Bengal community.   


News Flash: Tommy is currently the #2 Bengal kitten in TICA


A huge thanks to Terry and Jane of Jater Bengals for this sensational boy he really has it all, he has the type of a none glittered cat in a stunning clear coat and glittered pelt type coat.  his head ears eyes body and tail are just incredible and then we get to his perfect pattern with true tri colored rosettes and inky black outlining. I could go on and on about this guy but he is truly the total package and definitely one of the nicest glittered Bengals if not the nicest I have ever seen anywhere in the world. And the best part his Grandfather is my very own boy, RW QGC SnoPride TrustWurthy of JungleJem or Buddy as I call him. View more photos 

kitten looking up